Online Calendar For Driving Instructor Students

Online Reminder Set Up For Students









Use the Online Calendar to set up and send Automatic Text Message Reminders to your students so that they do not forget about their up and coming lessons with you. This will help to reduce "No Shows" for students forgetting their lesson.

Set the text reminder to Daily, Weekly or Fortnightly and also specify the duration time for the amount of text messages to be sent to correspond with your existing students driving schedule.









Automatic Text Reminders set for your Students can be altered at any time. You can see your list of Students Reminders and alter anyone you choose independently of other appointments. See all student Dates and Times of existing lessons and also the reminder time, (in minutes) they will have a text reminder sent to their mobile phone.

Modify Existing Student Details



Modify all existing students at the touch of a button, change existing mobile number, without altering existing appointments for students.

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